There is some evidence that the mill site may date back over 1000 years and maybe further due to its proximity to the Roman settlement a mile or so up the road at High Cross – the Roman centre of England.

A medieval cobblestone path at the north end of the mill leads from the yard to the site of a old Post mill, which was situated in the field to the rear of the mill. It was also part of the main route from Frolesworth to Claybrooke Parva and then to Watling Street.

The earliest record we have is the sale of the Mill to Andrew Hall, Thomas Towshend and Christion Higginson all of Frolesworth by James Palmer in 1675. The present Mill house is dated 1723 & the mill building around 17??. A slate with the date is hidden behind one of the upright wooden supports on the front of the building.

The mill was extended and extensively refurbished in the mid 1800’s when Marmaduke Fawkes (the last of 4 generations of the family) was miller &  church warden in the village. The building increased in size by nearly 50% & the waterwheel moved to the south end. Evidence of this can been seen in the structure of the mill & behind the mill the old inlet can be seen. Sometime after this a Mr Wright became a tenant miller for a few years before it was sold in July 1893 to John A Tyers. His son, Arthur W Tyers later carried on the tradition until 1952 when the mill finally ceased working & gradually fell into disrepair. The family sold the property in 1979 to the Mountford’s, David lovingly restored the mill over a 7 year period, restarting as a commercial mill in 1987. The property was sold on in the late 1990 and the present owner continue to mill to this day.