Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
  • We are a very small business, usually just me. 
  • Products are available via a either collection or Mail order, please email.
  • We are open on the 1st Saturday of the month between 10am and 1pm.
  • We are delivering via Royal Mail or DHL and sometimes other couriers, Parcels are sent Monday to Thursday.


This works by placing your order, then after I have sent order conformation, I will email you with the next available collection slot, if this is inconvenient please reply and we can sort this, I need at least 48 hours to pack your order, so please bear this in mind, if you reply to the email the same day as collection it will not be ready. Then it will be a contact free collection at the time arranged.

Collection Days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (I may be able to accommodate other days times).

We are now open on the 1st Saturday of the Month between 10 and 1.

Can Claybrooke Mill flour be used in a bread machine?

Yes they can be used in a bread machine or by hand. Just treat it as the base flour of the mix. eg Nuthatch is a brown base treat as Brown flour, siskin is a white base so treat as white flour.

What is Strong and Soft Flour?

Strong Flour is high in proteins making it suitable for bread making, Soft flour is suitable for pastry and general purpose baking.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is an essential ingrenient in bread making. Gluten is formed from the proteins in the grain. So to make bread you need a good strong flour that is high in proteins. Gluten stands are formed as the dough ferments and holds the carbon dioxide, created by the yeast, which helps the bread rise.

What is 100% stoneground Flour?

Stoneground flour is milled between two millstones. All the grain goes in the mill stones comes out, eg 100kg goes in and 100kg of Wholemeal flour comes out.

Do I need to add Vitamin C powder?

Vitamin C powder helps the yeast work quicker and harder therfore giving a better rise to your bread.

Are then any additives in flour?

The bread and flour regulations 1998 states that all wheat flour except wholemeal, must contain calcium carbonate, iron, thiamin(vitamin B1), nicotinic acid or nicotinamide. As these are statutory additives, they are not declarable.

Does it matter which order the ingredients go into the bread maker?

Yes the yeast needs to be kept away from the water, oil, sugar and salt. This stops the yeast getting to work too early in the cycle.

Is Claybrooke Mill flour fortified ?

Yes wheat flour is fortified as stated in Bread & Flour Regulations.

Our wholemeal flour is unfortified (it is naturally present in), the French flour which is milled in France, where they don’t add fortification and Spelt flour is not classified as wheat so is unfortified.

What is the difference between yeasts?

Fresh Yeast: Cannot be used in most bread machines, but can be used by hand. Has a short useby date. 

Dried yeast: Dried fresh yeast, cannot be used in bread machines and takes a little longer to activate than fresh yeast. 

Fast Action Dried yeast: Usually specified for use in bread makers.

What is soft flour?

Milled from soft grain it has less gluten making it more suitable for use in cakes pastry etc…

What he difference between Wholegrain, Wholemeal and wholewheat?

Nothing in they are all the same when stoneground 100% grain goes in and whole of the wheat is milled comes out with nothing added or removes.

​Is Claybrooke Mill's packaging Environmentally Friendly?

Yes Brown paper bags and sack are and the Cellophane bags are Home Compostable, look for the logo.