Heavenly Organics Skin Care Facial Scrub Orange & Grapefruit



Uplifting, skin and mood boosting, this exfoliator provides astringent properties and will leave your skin soft and moisturised.

This facial scrub uses a delicate blend of unrefined sea salt (Soil Association certified) and organic sunflower seed oil.   The fine grain salt gently exfoliates the skin and sloughs away dirt and dead skin cells whilst the sunflower seed oil feeds and moisturises the freshly, smooth skin, leaving your skin feeling polished, soft and heavenly. We use fine grain sea salt for a gentle exfoliant compared to course sea salt which tends to be abrasive. The combination of orange and grapefruit essential oils make this facial scrub ideal for those with oily, spot prone and inflamed skin.

In a glass jar

Weight .25 kg