Claybrooke Mill Refill Station.



We have now got an exchange service so on your first order you buy a bottle at £1 then just simply exchange this on your next collection.

Dry goods will be packing into brown paper bags or home compostable cellophane bags.

The concept is incredibly straight forward – instead of throwing away your plastic washing up bottle (which then takes hundreds of years to degrade) bring it to Claybrooke Mill and simply refill it. Not only is this even better than throwing it in the recycling bin, it also saves you money as you’re not paying for the packaging, shipping, etc. which is normally included in the final price.


Customers are able to use any container they like in order to buy products from our store; as long as it is clean and will fit on our scales! There will also be containers that you can buy, or use the free paper bags provided. Whichever container you wish to use, firstly it must be weighed.


CLOSED open by appointment only.

Please message me for more information.